Bette Midler..

Bette Midler’s life makes her an inspiration.  Not only is she beautiful but also she can sing.  This lady is one of my favorite all time singers.  Just thinking about “Beaches” takes me back.  (Under the Boardwalk)  Her laughter is infectious and she knows who she is.  That right there is enough but did you know? More... 

This woman had to face overwhelming, or so it seemed, odds to make it to where she is in stardom today.  She worked places that others wouldn’t give a moments attention.  Her desire drove her onward and upward.  And now, you know the rest of the story.

So, when you feel that you can’t overcome some situation, please remember Bette.  Smile, put your emotions into creating what you want and make it happen.  She’s a fine example of that. 

You know that I’ve mentioned that I get lessons given upon my own life’s journey.  This is one that I knew all along but has been thrust into the middle of my life for about the last ten years.  Doesn’t mean I’m stubborn.  Stupid either.  Just wasn’t paying attention.  You can’t take life for granted.  You have to create.  That’s the best gift of all besides the psychic gift.  While allowing myself to be propelled along by circumstances, I was not creating the best for me.  Now, I’m back into the game and feeling better for it.

Da Juana