Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of year to inventory your life and give thanks

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of year to inventory your life and give thanks.

Like changing your smoke detector batteries at a certain time of the year, you can make this time one of reflection. No matter your age it’s important to decide whether you’ve accomplished your goals. If not then you can make a choice to change old habits and create what you desire in your life.

Not only that but you can also give acknowledgments as I’ve already mentioned. When one is grateful for all their blessings more abundance seems to manifest. The more you have the more you get. Having material items isn’t the only reason for being grateful.

As you run through your memories with a smile or sadness be appreciative that you’ve had the time and thrill of living through life’s experiences. Those happenings might not all be good but something good may come from them and you’re always learning, one of the greatest gifts any spirit can attain.

An example is that of my father’s death. In and of itself, that’s not something you’d generally be grateful for and I’d really like to have him back but the manner in which he went taught a wonderful lesson. My daughter held him in her arms after he’d said “Hi” to her and gave what she thought his last breath. In her panic to save her grandfather, she patted his face and called him back to her. He opened his eyes, looked past her shoulder and said “Oh, hello,” to my dead brother who’d joined him for the journey to the other side.

There are always bright spots in life. My father gave us all one and still does occasionally with memories and with his infrequent visits.

That’s why I mention taking inventory, looking over perceived good or bad recollections, laughing and crying a bit, then making the changes necessary to promote your wishes for a happier lifetime.

Happy year or years.

Da Juana

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