Big Brother

Is Big Brother watching?  In some ways yes, but you can never be sure.  One things for sure though, I’m watching it on CBS.  My daughter got me hooked a couple of seasons ago.  Not only is it addictive but also it’s a way to talk with her about something frivolous.  After most shows, we’re on the phone discussing who’s going to win and how.  And, no, I’m not using my talents to figure it out.More...

If you’ve been watching, then you know that there is one team in the house who calls themselves Team Christ.  They call the others evildoers.  Sounds familiar somehow. 

One of the TC members, a smart mouthed woman, prays for God to answer their prayer which all of us do.  The only problem is she thinks that because they’ve won some competitions it was all God’s work and meant that the other group was not getting God’s help. 

Many times I’ve heard football teams, players and etc. make that announcement.  We’ve even heard countries say that they were going to war because God told them to, holy wars.  Can you see why this type declaration makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck?  The God I know isn’t like this.  So, I have to wonder if it isn’t the person putting words into God’s mouth because they know for sure what God wants and they’re here to tell you. 

As for me, I know that God loves everyone even my enemies, if I have them.  From talking to the other side and God on occasion, I’ve found that we all have a part in each other’s spiritual evolution. 

Just a thought.

Da Juana