Big Brother

The other night I was watching my favorite television show, “Big Brother,” (bet you can’t believe a psychic/medium would like that show) enjoying the contestants as they went about their anything but ordinary lives.

I know, I know it’s just a reality show but since my daughter got me hooked on this one, it helps me leave my thoughts behind for a few minutes similar to meditation. Watching who’s stabbing who in the back for a quarter of a million dollars and then watching that same person scream they were discriminated against when someone else does the same thing to them kind of takes your mind off things, wouldn’t you say? If you’ve never watched it, it’s akin to a soap opera only it’s at night and has games the contestants play making the household even more amusing.

Before you say, “What’s this got to do with a psychic/medium,” besides the fact that I like the show, you do know as I’ve explained often, anything having to do with life and the living of that life is done so with spirituality in mind and touches all things psychic but that’s not the lesson for today?

As much as I enjoy that series the sound effects can be daunting. Listening to some of the people eat leaves a lot to be desired. Now I know in some cultures the polite thing to do is to belch or otherwise make some kind of noise to let the host know the food is good but this is tantamount to pigs around a trough. If you’ve never experienced feeding pigs as I have then just listen to this show after dark but beware, you might get hooked. You’ll remember the sound and associate it psychically with a pigpen from then on.

No wonder that now we have people who teach manners. It seems that no one has explained to members of that group that eating without showing your food in your mouth and without the guttural sounds is the nicest thing you can do for those around you. But wait, maybe this is part of the game……oh, no, no mother could allow a child to eat like that.

Da Juana