Big Brother

It would have never occurred to me a few years ago that I’d be hooked on a television show like Big Brother.  But I am.More...

The wait for Big Brother 11 was almost intolerable because there was nothing else on television but it came.  And on the pilot, I thought to myself that I could have waited longer to see it after what happened. 

Let me tell you how I got hooked.  Our daughter and her husband loved the show.  I used to kid her about it, even telling her that someone she loved wasn’t going to win, and they didn’t.  Sorry, the psychic took over.

Anyway, I started watching to be able to have something on a more humorous level to discuss with my daughter.  After watching a little while, I realized that all the good points of humanity were lost to this show because, after all, it is a game.  Hearing people whine because someone kicked them out of the house after acting as if they had their best interest at heart, at first left me upset.  Then I realized it is just a game.  Not real life!  People lie their hearts out to get the other house members to believe them and let them win half million dollars.  People will do a lot of things for money, especially that money.

So, because I’m such a straight arrow, don’t believe in lying and certainly not being devious, I’m hooked and still it’s something to talk with my daughter about, especially since that love-himself-more-than-anyone-else, muscle man returned.

Da Juana