Birth and rebirth

Birth and rebirth are my subjects for today because this is my brother’s birthday but not his rebirth day. It’s Connie’s mother’s rebirth day but not her birthday. Do you think I’m losing it now? Well maybe I am but I can still make some sense, I think.

Actually birth and rebirth or death is much the same process. There’s a process to it for both. It generally doesn’t come easily although the actually birthing is easy for some. Think of the miracle associated with birth. You know the sperm and egg thing, then the nine months, getting ready to be born and then the actual birth. It is more than just the act if you know what I mean.

Well death or rebirth is the same. There’s a process and it takes some doing as well. At times one may think they know the end is coming but truly we all do. Don’t think me morbid but the moment we enter the earth’s atmosphere from the womb, we’re in the process of dying. What matters is the manner in which we do it. Do we act totally out of fear when we become responsible for ourselves or do we live fully until we are ready to be reborn? Living fully doesn’t mean you have to jump off cliffs for thrills. It means living the way you want to enjoy life.

At any rate my brother was born on this day and Connie’s mother chose to die on this day. So you can see that it has meaning for both of us. Numbers, such as this one, means a lot in the scheme of things when it’s connected to family and friends.

This is a shout out to both these wonderful people from Connie and me.

Happy birth and rebirth day. You’re missed.

Da Juana