Birthdays are unique to each of us, whether animal, vegetable or mineral.  The exact time, date and place we were born give us more than just a time to celebrate getting another year older.More... 

Astrology is looking at that information to give you a clearer view of who you are and why you were born.  It’s a roadmap to your life. 

There are so many aspects to astrology that I’m still learning and probably won’t complete in this lifetime.  It’s not just the math although this world, even the universes in which we live, are made up of mathematics’.  Though it wasn’t a favorite subject in school, algebra was, I know what its impact on the world is.  Math is everywhere we look even our birth.  A little lesson in physics here.

Someone I love is celebrating their birthday today.  So, I want to send out a special birthday message to all who are celebrating today.  And you know I had to start thinking before I did it.  Hence the little foray into math above but it’s food for thought.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Da Juana