Black moth

Well, you know I’ve seen the black moth of Hawaiian legend. Now I’ve seen the white one of Icelandic legend and I saw it at a time I needed to have some faith. 

You learned what the black moth means. It heralds death but the white moth gives the soul some hope and I need that. Hope’s good.

It’s funny how legend shows up in the psychic mind. I’m not a superstitious person but I’ve seen some legendary people and animals without prior knowledge as to what their presence means until after some research. Confirmation afterwards of the thoughts I had with the sighting is the part that makes my hair stand on end.

Lately, ghosts have been frequenting my home, from my husband’s father to my little Mysti Mariah and my brother along with some I don’t know. This house has been action central. So when I saw the white moth against a dark sky and much larger in size than the black one I saw before the death in my home, I felt enormous relief.

So many things are happening now that I need the help. And I’m grateful.

Da Juana