Honeysuckle is a psychic experience.

Honeysuckle is a spiritual, psychic experience for this medium. Because it only blooms once a year where I live I ...
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How does an aura, your spirit manifest?

Here’s an example of how an aura or spirit manifests. Being the psychic and medium I am I want you ...
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The USA’s Psychic Consiousness

Psychically the mass consciousness of the United States is creating problems for us in the future. Our spirit has grown ...
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Thank you God for my Psychic and Medium Gifts.

Responsibility is this psychic and mediums lot in life. Oh sure telling others about their past and future is great ...
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Psychic decisions on your mother’s health!

Making psychic decisions for your mother’s health isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But the responsibility of telling others ...
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Are ghosts watching all the time?

Are ghosts watching us all the time was a question I got twice last night from a male and a ...
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Ghosts relatives or things that go bump!

Ghosts are having a field day around my house right now. No, it’s not like the geese flying south or ...
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Psychic Predictions, David Bowie, Maurice White and the Super Bowl

Well the Super Bowl is over and on my blog psychic and numerology prediction that Denver Broncos would win, as ...
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The Super Bowl through Numerology and maybe a little Psychic!

The Super Bowl is on everyone’s mind right now. So, I thought that it might be good to look at ...
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What is a Psychic and Medium?

What is a Psychic and Medium? Do you think you know what a psychic and medium is? Would it surprise ...
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