Books are my friends…..

You already know that books are my friends.  I cherish them.  Guess that means I’m an avid reader but about the only times I get to read books is when I’m on the potty or at night right before I go to sleep.  All types of books are my favorites.  Mysteries are my fun reads with Jeffrey Deaver and Jim Patterson’s books leading the pack. More... 

Guess that’s because I like working murders.  That sounds horrible doesn’t it?  Generally the murdered person comes to see me and we get to the bottom of it.  So reading mysteries is just an extension of that. 

I want to tell you about a book that was loaned to me by a girlfriend.  The picture on the front almost turned me off but I needed a book and was on the way to my library.  So I grabbed it and it has grabbed me.  The author is Richard Preston and its title is “The Cobra Event.”  Mr. Preston  made this his first novel and you can tell.  He editorializes in it but that’s what I like in this book because the man is teaching.  He had three non-fiction books before this one and has won some very prestigious awards.  I’ll stop singing his praises there. 

I like books that get me involved enough to make me want to research them like Dan Brown’s books and this one has got me hooked.  He’s talking about genetic engineering of weapons consisting of viruses.  He makes you think and I really like that.  But it’s scary as all get out too.  I don’t want to ruin the book for you but I’m going to start looking into a few bits of info he passes along in the book because it goes along with something I saw in a reading years ago.

Hope you decide to look his book over too.

Da Juana