Both pleasure and sadness come from watching my dog, Gabrielle…

Both pleasure and sadness come from watching my dog, Gabrielle, chasing squirrels. Of course you dog lovers know that dogs love to chase squirrels and you also know that a squirrel can be a formidable foe as well.

When we moved into our home Gabrielle found very quickly that squirrels resided here too. They love to run across the fence, the house, trees and even scamper down into the yard to run past her in a dangerous chase of cat and mouse without my being sure who the mouse is. My little white dog weighs all of five pounds and I’m not sure who’s bigger sometimes, dog or squirrel, especially if you have one rodent who loves to flirt with danger.

Watching her go through her antics with our friendly neighbors reminds me how much Madeline and Mysti loved to chase those little furry animals. Both, unlike Gabrielle, would give them time to make it a real chase by letting the squirrel get a good head start but not my white one. She watches to see from where the squirrel left and determines like a good softball player where the ball will land so that she can be there when the squirrel makes a fatal mistake.

Worry about that white fur becoming red isn’t such an easy thought to take but still I love watching her while I drink my coffee early in the cool of the morning.

Da Juana

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