Brain Evolution

The other day on the television program, “Numbers,” I heard the best explanation for psychic ability that I have ever heard. And being the way I am since birth, I like to hear reasons for who I am. The explanation was simply that some people’s brains have evolved so much that they are able to comprehend items that others can’t such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship and other psychic abilities.

Just as people have evolved since cave man days, people have also started to add different dimensions to their brain. This is the next step in evolution, one that I have been preaching for years and that is that everyone, one day, will possess this wonderful gift. Then they no longer have to seek out someone like me. When that day comes, this magnificent gift will have evolved so much more than me. I look forward to my next life on earth when I can revel in a new approach for mankind. At that point, I would hope that we love our brothers and sisters, no matter race, sex, or etc. Maybe we will but with mankind there are always those who will seek to use it in some way against their neighbors. Hopefully, with this evolution, people will also become more loving to each other without being hypocritical.

So this also means that I am not weird, as some have said, only progressive. And I can’t say that I am before my time because I am what God made me and what I consented tovbe. Now that I heard that explanation, I realize again that answers come in differing formats just as they always have. After asking, God has always given me the answers even if they were from an unusual source.

Da Juana