Brain Writing

A friend of mine has a book out called Brain Writing. It’s about handwriting analysis. For so many years, I just picked up someone’s writing, put my hand on the scribble and started telling others what characteristics this person displayed. Generally, I got other items considered fascinating by those witnessing my display. And I still do that but Irene made me look at handwriting in a different manner.


For instance, did you know if someone crossing their “T’s” on the right side without the t-bar touching the stem, that means this person has an explosive temper. Who’d thunk it? But, yes, it’s right there in her book. And she takes it to the bank.


She gives an exercise where you write your name. Then with your eyes closed, write it again. You can’t get away from the way you sign your name. Your brain makes it so. And she is such an effective speaker too.


Irene gives you keys to your personality even your own therapist can’t get in one session. All from your very own writing. This so amazes me that I got her book and it is wonderful. She talks about presidents and gives character determinations on everyone she has in the book. Guess what? Bill Gates feels pressured. Can you believe that? I guess I can because the richest man in the world needs to be able to keep his treasure and share it in such a way that he feels better about himself. His writing tells the story.


There are so many methods to help ourselves from someone like me to studying about ourselves in the way we write, our body language to reading self-help. The human mind, body and spirit just astounds me. So, as you know, I am always trying to learn. And that’s something very interesting to me.


Da Juana