Breaking news

This morning, while watching breaking news, I saw that gays and lesbians in California could now get married.  I’ve heard many thoughts on why this group of people should or shouldn’t get married.  That’s not what I’m here to mention today.More...

No, there was one thing that caught my eye, the placards and people carrying them.  In particular, there was one woman, who I think was holding a placard, who really got my attention.  As two now married lesbians, I think (the woman had my full attention), were walking down stairs happily holding hands and beaming from their new nuptials, this woman was shouting these three words over and over again: “God hates you.”

Those words shook me to my very core.  Knowing that God is a part of all of us, including the woman shouting and the newly married couple, I know that we are all loved by God, even the bigots, of which there are many.  God doesn’t know religion but God does know spirituality and life because he/she is the author of everything. 

In other words, the lady shouting was expressing her ideas about who God is and what God wants.  And, what’s more, she has every right to do so because that’s her belief because, now get this; she is a part of God.  But it brings me to think of others who’ve shouted words laced with hate.  One of the greatest hate mongers who ever lived was Hitler.  He knew what God wanted too. 

Of course, as I write this, I’m reminded that I’ve just told you about the God I know, the loving, kind, enthusiastic God of learning I know. 

I also know that belief systems can become contagious and spreading throughout the world showing models of greatness and sometimes horror.  One such example is the World Trade Center.  It only takes one person to get the anger pebble rolling which then gathers followers along the way like the little game of gossip played when you were a child and becomes a huge snowball rolling over everything in its path. 

So, you can see why I’d rather believe in a loving God.  No, I don’t wear rose-colored glasses.  I know there are those on this side and the other that I wouldn’t want to socialize with under any circumstances but sometimes I have to in order to work criminal cases.  We’re not all great and good, as I’d like us to be.

In my own life, I try to always think of the repercussions before I make decisions about others, such as the lady, I saw on breaking news today.

Da Juana