How to Bring the Love of Your Life to You


Da Juana Byrd


As a psychic and a medium I, Da Juana Byrd, know that one of the questions I’m always going to get from clients and just people in general is, “How do I bring love to my life?” That is if I don’t answer them before they ask me. Generally, I do with exactly what that lover will look like and other pertinent information.

So today and I guess from now on since I’m writing this for y’all I thought I’d give you the best fashion in which to bring love, good love and not just sexual love either, really good love. With that said, let’s get on with it.

There’s might be a few things you’ll rebel against but that’s your prerogative. I can only tell you what I’ve seen work for a good loving relationship and it’s the one I used to get the man of my dreams finally. I won’t go into the boring “whys and why nots” of my life here today.

Come with me while we explore together how to bring the love of your life to you.

You’re probably going to have problems with the number one item on my list or you’re going to tell me that you do this now. Okay, I believe you but if you have a modicum of doubt, then resolve it.

Love Yourself.

Here’s the reason why you need to love yourself first. Only if you love yourself can you love someone else.

When you don’t love yourself you’re unhappy with all you are and how can someone else much less you find you attractive with your pessimistic views of self. Oh, you might get some of those people like me as lovers that think they’re supposed to help everyone and fix things but will you get the love of your life? I think not.

Lovers can only take so much negativity about the one their supposed to love especially if it comes from that very person without end. So, you see how important it is to take the time to love yourself first just for this reason alone.

Take the time to look at you and see how beautiful you really are inside and out. You’re a part of God and have been made in His image just in case you have any doubt. A spiritual person knows the beauty of All That Is.

Be confident in the traits you have such as beauty or handsomeness, intelligence, your ability and capacity to love, how you react to others and your being willing and able to give love to others. If you’re not willing to love then you’re off the market anyway. No need to read further because you’re not going to like it.

Confidence brings people to you. When you are confident in yourself your aura changes. Let me tell you what your aura is in case you don’t know. It’s your spirit. The manner in which one sees your aura is on a paranormal plane.

Scientists say it’s pheromones first but you have to get that potential lover close enough to smell you. It takes the aura inviting a lover in to get that close although pheromones do travel.

Your aura can recede into your body where it takes comfort or it can encompass the whole room and beyond for safety reasons. After all it’s only your ghost or spirit which inhabits your body.

An aura is something that is tangible. It can be felt by you and others. Law enforcement, spies and such use it to keep themselves safe. Well heck, we all do too.

An instance of aura working for you is when you’ve gone into a room with your back to the door. Your aura may be protecting you a little more than you know if you’re unsure of yourself. When someone walks through the door you turn to see them even if you haven’t heard them. That’s because they’ve entered your space, your aura alarmed you and you felt it.

Another example is a battered spouse. If they’ve had it happen once, gotten away from that person and start to look for another person to love, they will find the same kind of person again. That is until they become aware of the situation and change their own lives. They have to have the desire to change into a person who is confident. Then they’ll know they can have the best in life without allowing the battering.

Once you realize how great you are your aura will bring people worthy of you oh confident one.

After discovering what you’re capable of where love is concerned here’s the big question: Are you prepared to receive love?

If you are after this step of analyzing yourself and becoming aware of what you really want we’ll go onto the next step.

Allow Your Lover to Come to You.

What you say, “I’ve been waiting all my life for real love to come to me and I haven’t seen it yet.”

Yeah, I know but after looking at the first surefire way above and analyzing yourself, are you sure you really wanted love then?

Are you making an attempt to find love? Do you stay at home waiting for your prince or princess charming to visit? Do you go out with friends and not want to be bothered by that nice person who saw you there and who took the time to come and talk with you? Or do you get aggravated about your new potential lover’s visit and turn away because you’re out with friends? Do some thinking here. You’re alone in more ways than one. You can do it.

Thought and energy manifest. That’s the paranormal part of your spirit working for you. It demands that you think of what you want. When you do consider and realize what you want you have to go a step further. You have to be proactive and act upon the event you want to take place. Then the results come from your thinking and acting. Thought and energy manifest. See what I mean.

From a psychic point of view, I’d like you to do a few things to get the energy flowing. Create a Pro sheet not a con anywhere in sight. We want only positive energy here.

On your Pro sheet list the characteristics you desire. Do you want pretty to look at outside or do you want pretty to look at on the interior too? List it.

Do you want someone to love you as you love them? Think about that for a minute. Will you love them with a selfish love or will you both be giving and happy? Now you’re cooking with gas.

Do you want to be able to sit on the front porch and rock enjoying life in a different manner when you’re older or now too? Don’t laugh. That was one of mine. Rocking is good. You get exercise both of the body and the mind because you’re generally conversing about your days and how to heal the world.

Don’t forget sex. What do you want because there’s nothing like being sexually different in mindset? That one act can be a problem you can’t solve. Decide what you want and can live with. Write it down in a positive fashion.

Do you want someone who has your best interest at heart? You get the drift. Now write it down.

Since you’ve become more confident you now know the universe will send you all kinds of people. Fear of selecting the wrong one can cause you enough problems. That’s why you made the list. In all of this you want to stay away from paranoia. Know in your heart, head and spirit that true love is coming and take a chance.

Job in the Bible said “That which I fear most has come,” when he spoke of losing God’s favor. So, don’t you fear it’ll come. That’s why I’m telling you to be open to love. My mother told me once that if I didn’t like the one I was with, get another. She was so right on. With that in mind you can look, date and enjoy but keep in mind that the right person for you is coming to you because you gave power to love by saying and giving emotion to the thing you want most.

Jesus said when you speak from the heart it is so. Hope you don’t think I’m being too religious because I’m not. I’m spiritual but Jesus is a person who’s visited me from early childhood and between lives. Besides Jesus wants you to love everyone too. Perhaps not in every fashion but real love is good.

Back to your list. After you’ve made the life altering words that will be your mantra, I’d like for you to read them aloud to yourself. You’re by yourself. Others don’t have to listen. As a matter of fact, you’d much rather they didn’t. The only person who matters here is you for the present moment. I want you to read and hear the words you’ve written. Do it with gusto. In that way you’re engaging the brain, speaking authoritatively too with energy and now you know where we’re going. Remember I said Thought and Energy Manifest. Well honey you got it going on.

Your aura starts looking immediately for what you requested. It puts the brain into gear and you’re receptive. Have fun looking!
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Be Receptive to Change.

If you think about it life is change. Nothing remains the same. So, you’re on to another life’s adventure in the form of finding love. Upon writing, reading and putting all of your pro list for love into action, you have to be ready for change. After all isn’t the love of your life worth it?

Be open to new ideas and people. Don’t jump at every new person coming into your life. Instead like shopping try what you want to wear on first to see if it complements you. After all this is all about you. Your new love probably made the same list you did and he or she is looking for just the right person, you.

Like shopping not everything you try on looks good on you. Sometimes the one that looks hideous on the rack is just right. Remember that. God is helping you find love.

When you make up your mind that this love change is good you’ll start to notice subtle differences in your own psyche. Change for change sake is rarely good but your psychic abilities will begin to function more acutely and provide the insight you need to decide what’s best for you in love. That change is brought on by awareness of your soul as to what and who is good for you and why.

See you’re getting the tools to intelligently promote yourself for the best in love.

Ante Up

What do I mean by Ante Up? You’ve gone this far now you have to give something in return by giving the two of you a chance to make it in love.

If you ever start the “But he, But she,” game you’re not in the right place. Please understand that no one including you is perfect.

Work hard on the relationship but don’t work too hard. By that I mean if you’d gone on two dates and think you need to see a counselor, pass on this lover’s union. Work means be kind and loving not giving in totally on all accounts.

Your aura will help you. Use your psychic feelings. And yes, you are psychic. I heard you flinch a while back when I mentioned it the first time. All of us are psychic we just use it differently.

You know I’m a professional psychic and medium but you use your psychic senses daily to help you in living. Society dictates that we live together in communities. Community needs certain qualities to continue being able to live together. We humans use those qualities that our soul perceives to be needs and to show us what is inconsistent with those needs so we’re able to keep living. You know when you’re going down the wrong street at the wrong time of day. Now psychic we’ll get on with the rest of the program so to speak.

Give what you want to receive in love. When you do so check for your ROI or return on investment in love.

Don’t overcompensate. When you try to make your lover happy even when you feel used, it’ll ruin a lover’s union quickly. So, give freely but not to the exclusion of yourself nor where you feel badly about what you’re doing.

Don’t look for too much too quickly in this lover’s union. If you think within two days you’re in love then you might want to check the temperature of your lover too. This may be a little quicker than is necessary to get what you want in love. Check yourself first.

Make your lover your best friend. By this I mean don’t tell him or her all your secrets right from the start. They have to earn your respect and your love. By all means though treat your lover like your best friend. How do you treat a best friend? Make sure you remember those treatments in dealing with a new love.

Let Love Move at its Own Pace

Don’t rush love. Love is like a new baby. It’ll learn to eat, crawl and walk at its own pace. Like a new baby, enjoy your new-found love life by searching and touching everything.

Either love is there or its not but if there is interest between the two lovers you will set your pace and play. Take the time to explore one another without prejudice.

When the time comes if you don’t feel this love be willing to move on knowing the universe has prepared the right person to come to you. You’re shopping for the right love.

Talk Without Pointing Fingers.

You and I know that some disagreements will happen occasionally. Perhaps he left his underwear on the floor again after you found it so cute the first time when you picked it up. Love wears on.

Don’t turn on him with your pointer finger stuck out stating he left his underwear on the floor again. The only thing he may think is she wants to fight. There’s no listening when both are fighting. Both are right at the moment when neither is.

To prevent this type action, get to know each other as friends. You wouldn’t point a finger at your best friend, would you?

If you know each other as friends you’ll keep each other’s secrets.

You’ll love him like you love your dog. You’d never knowingly hurt your dog under any circumstances. Your dog gets unconditional affection and love even when you’re angry with him or her. You can tell your dog anything. You forget the puddle on the floor when you look into those big brown eyes.

See now all better.


Smile and enjoy. When you smile you feel better and your lover does too.

Have fun taking turns doing what each other likes. You’ll learn something new and so will your lover. Both of you may even come to like doing each other’s activities.

Do something just for the heck of it. Explore life together.

Question how you’d feel without this lover. Is the lover’s union more effort than it’s worth? How do you feel about your lover as a whole?

You’re getting your answers now like the psychic you are.

Now there’s only one thing left to do if you realize you do care greatly for your lover and this lover’s union.

Give in and See Where It Goes!