Britney Spears…

Britney Spears is on many people’s minds right now.  You can’t get away from the hype.  No matter where you turn news people, entertainment magazines and even Dr. Phil have Britney on their lips.More... 

Many years ago, because of a friend who knew Britney, I had to do a reading on her.  My prediction then was that Britney wasn’t going to be everyone’s little fair-haired child any more.  This was well before the famous Madonna kiss in which most men reveled.    

The prediction I made was a sad one both for my friend and me because I saw the downfall of a person who didn’t even realize she was going down.  Most don’t when they’re in that downward spiral.  At the time Britney wasn’t into drugs and such.  She was just a kid from Louisiana who had made it big.

I told my friend that Britney would get into drugs, alcohol and more.  Then she would start some behavior that would be very destructive to her and anyone close.  Also, I told my friend to stay away from this situation because she didn’t need to become involved.  I’m so sorry for Britney but she didn’t ask for my help nor even know about the reading. 

Now, a prediction for a beautiful little girl from Louisiana.  Britney, if you don’t change the course of your life now, and you still can, six-seven months will tell your future.  Your children need their mother in their lives.  I know that you’re very lonely and feel as if everyone pulls at you but that’s what you signed up for, even though you didn’t know it at the time.  Your children are not everyone.  Remember how you felt when you thought you were without guidance from your mother.  Don’t make them feel the same feelings.  You do have people who really love you.  They’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear.  They’re not just fans.  Turn to them and think of whom you really are and what you came here to do.  Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat these spiritual lessons and you really don’t want to have to do that.  Not with all the Karma you’re adding now.  Please think before you get into a car and don’t drive alone.  

Da Juana