Brown algae

Brown algae or Ecklonia cava have entered my life.  No not the kind on showers but the kind that grows off the coast of Japan.  And I’m in love.More... 

For the first time ever, my fingernails look as if I inherited my mother’s and father’s strong nails.  I know I didn’t get their eye or hair color but the nail thing is ridiculous.  Both of them, including my brothers, have beautiful strong fingernails.  Was it because of the other gifts God gave me that my fingernails were fragile?  At one time I even tried those fake suckers but couldn’t stand them.  The first night they felt like boulders sitting on each finger.

Had you asked me a few years ago, I’d have told you that you couldn’t get me to eat algae in any form.  Mushrooms are another story entirely though.  But look at me.  I can see the health benefits.  According to the information on the label which also stated it hadn’t been evaluated by the FDA, not only does it help the memory but the heart, joints, a healthy inflammatory response and healthy metabolism (read from the bottle) but….. it made my fingernails strong, healthy and long.  That part I can see.  Really women long.  I can paint them now and be proud.

So now it’s not just my toenails that are painted.  On occasion you might notice a pretty pink color on my hands as well. 

Da Juana