Butt calls are generally irritating

Butt calls are generally irritating but they can also be informational if you listen and as you’ve already read here before metaphysical too.

The guy I’m dating now is used to my phone calling his Bluetooth while I’m in his truck with my smart phone safely tucked into my purse in such a manner that it shouldn’t be able to unlock much less call out on a number I’ve chosen (my home number, just in case). And it generally does it just as we’re going into his garage.

If you haven’t read those items then you can look back a little way on my blog and find the stories unlike my friend, Dolores. So, because she hates the computer, I was relating the story before we were to go into our training session. She laughed about what had happened and how far my friend had come from the good old days of having a woman that didn’t have extrasensory ability that rubbed off on others.

We put our phones up safely and I stepped out of my truck. That’s when the other side did their thing. Dolores picked up her ringing phone and said quietly, “Da Juana you’re calling me,” to which I answered “No, I’m not.” She held up her phone and reported, “Yes, you are.”

I had to dig my phone from my purse where it had just been sitting on my home phone number and still was but had to end the call once more. She and I stood there looking at each other until we burst out laughing. My man isn’t the only one the ghosts like to play with.

Da Juana

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