Can you see ghosts without being a psychic?

Well, this is the holidays so please bear with me yet again.  If it weren’t such a good question, I wouldn’t be taking up your time now.   

“Da Juana, please let me ask this question due to curiously is killing me. Is it possible for a person to be a medium by giving readings but not be able to foresee psychic events?  Your response is greatly appreciated.

To answer your question, Christy, yes, it is very possible for you to see hear and communicate with ghosts without seeing the future or any other life’s event.  People on the other side choose to talk with others; especially those they love and they have to find a myriad of ways in which to do so.  What’s funny is when one you don’t know realizes you can see him or her.  Sometimes it looks like a double take.  You know when you have walked by something and realized it was there, and then turned quickly to make sure.  Another thing is that you might go most of your life without seeing someone or something who is supposed to be dead appear to you and then one day, it just happens.  From then on though you continue to see them. 

Right now I’m having a ghosts convention at my home.  They are all around, from animals to human.  At least I know I’m not alone. 

Da Juana