Capricorn grandson

My little Capricorn grandson is something to be reckoned with even though he’s only two.  Bless his mother’s heart; he’s a handful.  And I should know because we just got back from a week at her our daughter’s home. More... 

Of course we visited the whole family but we went to help her out in making our youngest a room of his own, not that he’ll sleep in it of course, but nonetheless, he got his own room.  Their bedroom has the pack mentality for all the humans in the household and we won’t forget the dogs.

While there I got to remember all the qualities of a Capricorn such as ingenious nature, curiosity that kills some cats, and stubbornness.  His mother keeps repeating why is he so stubborn and I keep saying, “It’s because his sign is the goat.”  What most don’t realize is that he chose to be born under that sign for those very qualities.

This young one started talking early and then decided that he wouldn’t talk anymore especially when his mother wants him too.  It’s only after the fight or should I say siege of minutes that sometimes turn into hours that he’ll say something other than for Dora the explorer.  He’ll talk for her.  Now Papaw and I know most of those little ditties she sings by heart, especially, I’m the Map. 

Well, the room got painted and the floor got those little puzzle mats that kids love so much and keeps most of them from having chipped teeth or knots on their heads.  Both our young grandsons made the most of that flooring, rolling and tumbling all over the place.  And, our perfectionist daughter now has a room with toys all over it and no hope of ever being able to keep it perfect again.

Da Juana