Card-carrying psychic/medium….

Every time I meet someone new, and when they find out I’m a card-carrying psychic/medium, their first words are, “Tell me something.”  More...

How many occupations do you know where people immediately, upon meeting you and finding out what you do, ask you to perform that task?  It’s not that I don’t want to help people but if I told everyone something, then there’d be no time for my needs.  It took me a long time to realize that.  I used to try to tell everyone something and still do at times but that takes a toll. 

I know it’s my duty and more than that, my calling, to help people and to teach them but sometimes I want to say something all right, and have once or twice, then felt very bad and had to remedy the situation.  You know karma was right there, don’t you? 

Another favorite thing they say is, “I don’t believe you.  Prove you’re a psychic/medium.”  Sometimes I do but more often than not now, I don’t.  And sometimes, I ask their occupation, then tell them we’ll trade.  It’s nice to get free legal, medical, plumbing, financial advice, even auto repair.  There’s something to this free trade thingy.  Think I’ve stumbled upon something. 

But there are times I don’t get asked and I volunteer.  Doesn’t make any sense does it?  I just know there’s a need.

Da Juana