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Even though as a psychic and medium I see lots of bad for 2017, I want to wish each and every one the best New Years ever. May all your wishes be granted in a wonderful way and may we all come out into 2018 thanking 2017 for its revelations.

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Try to be nicer to your neighbors no matter who they are next year and


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Yesterday was my birthday.

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Yesterday was my birthday. And, as expected, I partied last night with friends. Although it’s a time for celebration of life, and believe me, every day is a special day especially when you have lived long enough to have grandchildren, it’s also a time of reflection.


Horoscopes, using someone’s time of their birth, glean certain aspects and not only forecast that person’s future but their characteristics, what kind of job they may like and even who they’re compatible with in life as friends and/or lovers and family.