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Even though as a psychic and medium I see lots of bad for 2017, I want to wish each and every one the best New Years ever. May all your wishes be granted in a wonderful way and may we all come out into 2018 thanking 2017 for its revelations.

You may go to see my 2017 World Predictions at http://www.dajuana.com/2017-psychic-world-predictions/.

Check out your horoscope for the New Year at www.dailyhoroscopes.com.

Try to be nicer to your neighbors no matter who they are next year and


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Weckage of the World Trade Center and the cross…..

On my favorite coffee-drinking-show in the morning, Today, I heard a news story about the wreckage of the World Trade Center and the cross which people launched an American Flag upon. Anchors went on to say that some atheists were upset and that the metal cross which was a part of the World Trade Center […]