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My dog and cat made this Psychic Medium smile.

Today this psychic and medium wants to mention things that have made me smile in the last few months. You know that I believe life is psychic. Smiling is really psychic and well, being a medium, which I love, brings all new prospects to make me smile although they may sometimes be in the middle of something very serious.

My cat and dog made me smile around Thanksgiving while traveling to my babies’ house. The cat came down with a bladder infection (serious) that we could see, blood and all. So she got to go too even though she hates traveling. So after giving her Benadryl as her vet suggested to take the edge off and allow her to sleep through the long trip we had her installed in her cat crate with one of her favorite blankets. (more…)

Thank God for Billy Joel

In these times of hearing so many bad things happening in the world like kids hurting kids, violent weather, social unrest, Fort Hood and so much more you feel burdened down from the constant barrage of bad. Thank God for Billy Joel because we get to hear some good like him visiting a kindergarten for […]