Chance at a new beginning….

People think that the end of anything from life to garbage laying on the side of the road means it’s over but it doesn’t…..what it really means is that it’s a chance at a new beginning.  Today, I want to address the end of life though.More...

Each of us, from the moment of birth, is dying.  It can come quickly or it can take many years.  What matters is how we live.  It’s inherent in all species to try to live no matter what.  Maybe that’s why such fear is attached to crossing over.  I’ve heard from people of all cultures discuss their fears on the subject and had them ask about what it’s like on the other side.  I think their fear is based on the fact that it is an unknown. 

In 1980, I died and came back.  So I know what’s over there.  Most don’t have that advantage.  Another thing that helps me is that I talk with people who have crossed over and because I’m so curious, I ask about items that most don’t. 

The reason I brought this subject up is because I have a friend whose mother is dying of cancer right now.  I’ve noticed that people who think they have their lives in front of them try to shush those who need to talk about their eminent demise.  If they could just express their fear, anger and remorse at leaving, that might make their crossing over easier for them.  Those who will remain on earth a while longer think it morbid to speak of such things but there is a definite need coming from those who aren’t long for this world. 

That may be one of the reasons that angels and dead loved ones come to invite loved ones to join them on the other side.  The passage becomes easier when you recognize people willing to help you pass over and show you love while doing so. 

With that in mind, I saw someone in the house the other night that I think is one of those angels for my friend’s mother.  He was very tall and had the demeanor of a very caring, thoughtful man.  His strength was amazing.  After thinking about him for a while because he was most unforgettable, I was told that she would have others there with her too, especially one woman who looked a lot like her. 

It’s just a pity that people can’t express their feelings before they go so that they could learn that the end is just the beginning, actually a birth from this life to the next.  Spirit is the same today, yesterday and forever.

Caring not morbid,

Da Juana