Change is imminent.

Through all life, change is imminent. The spiritual ramifications of change are the reason we’re here on earth. And that’s been happening big time for me for a few years now. 

My father died on February 22, 2010, a month to the day after his birthday. And to answer your question, yes, I did know when he was going to die but I tried to put it out of my mind. And, no, there were no strenuous trips to the doctor, nor any lingering stress to the family. He died in his doorway in my brother’s arms after talking with each of his remaining children and two of his grand’s. 

A psychic/medium who knows goes through the same emotions as most human beings but they, as with me, may mourn the passing long before the time has come. That’s why I have always maintained that you should talk with your loved ones before they die so that you don’t need to use someone like me to interpret what they have to say from the other side. 

Thanks to everyone who’s asked why I haven’t been blogging. I’ll tell you more about my daddy as I can and I’ll let you in on my life changes, as I’ve always done, when I feel comfortable to speak of them. Right now, everything is too fresh. 

My father, Harvey, was a wonderful daddy and a wonderful, inspiring individual who stuck by what he believed to the end. To him I say, knowing he can hear me, “You’re missed more than you know, daddy, even though I enjoy your visits now in spirit.” 

Da Juana