It seems that I have been spending a lot of time in my car lately. This gives me time to think about items and events happening in my life right now but it also affords me the opportunity to see the beautiful changes happening right in front of me. Since I am from Texas, we really haven’t had a fall for the last few years and it seems to me that fall generally comes before now here. We had a cold snap finally. And since then, the trees took their cues and started making the most beautiful colors.


Not only are the colors gorgeous but I also have begun to notice the types of trees rather than just listening to them whisper to their neighbors. Even trees can get a little bored but since they generally have learned more in their lives than us humans…..not saying they are smarter…….they take change in stride more than us. Not only that but they will help their neighbor more quickly than us humans will. Trees realize that just because there are differing species doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t help one another. They realize that each species brings different aspects to the earth, some cleansing, some fertilizing, some eye catching from humans to bird’s eyes and on and on. Trees know that diversity is good in nature. Some trivia: did you know that cottonwood trees…..with those dreaded cotton flights each spring which most hate……..can clear radioactive material from the earth. Now doesn’t that make you look at that cottonwood differently?


When I see a tree, I generally give thanks that because of it I can breathe easier.


Da Juana