Another week of chelation even though Claude’s vascular doctor said it wasn’t going to help his veins repair themselves.  And maybe it isn’t but his pain isn’t as great as it was before.  Now he doesn’t get tears in his eyes from it and I don’t hear him complain, which he had every right to do, over and over again.More... 

Also, I’ve noticed that he seems a little clearer in his thinking.  He doesn’t ask near the questions now that he’s been doing over and over up until about four weeks ago.  But hey, that’s when he started IV chelation.

On the second chelation, I noticed that Claude’s fingertips had come out of the deep freeze.  When he snuck a touch in then, I didn’t jump completely out of my skin from the cold only from the sneak attack.

Shades of my husband are returning.  He laughs more and talks about different items now whereas before, he was just asking the same question over and over and over and over again.  Another thing is that he’s not as dependent on me but he still likes to know where I am at any given moment. 

A stroke affects the whole family.  It’s like a death without the dying.  Both the stroke patient and those who love them have to change their lives.  Although others might not realize there is a difference in the family unit because they can see that he can talk mostly in intelligent ways, isn’t paralyzed anywhere but just can’t see as well, they aren’t with him when he forgets how to turn on a coffee pot or forgets to close and lock an outside door.  They can’t see the fear or know how he feels when he goes to a restaurant and can’t see where to go to relieve himself in the bathroom.  Or know how it feels to have your wife ask a stranger to check on him there, right before she bursts through the restroom door. 

So, yes, chelation might not be doing anything to help him but…….if there’s the chance it will, and from what I’m seeing now, not to mention what I’m hearing from long time patients there, we’ll be spending as much time as we need to make my husband better.  I can work around it doing readings, accounting, housework, lawn mowing, mothering, and all those other things that most women are expert at doing.

And maybe, just maybe, his sight will come back with this.  We know of someone else who’s sight returned but he was totally blind in one eye.  Say prayers, please.

And Thanks for the prayers, good thoughts and for not screaming too much at me for not doing the blog this week.  I miss you.

Oh, and one more thing, if your loved one has a stroke, a naturopathic physician client of mine from Nova Scotia told me if you get them into a hyperbaric chamber within 48/72 hours of the stroke, then it can reverse the effects of the stroke.  I’m not sure of whether this works or really the time period but it’s worth a mention.  We didn’t know at the time of Claude’s stroke nor have the opportunity to get him into a hyperbaric chamber or I could give you a first hand account of that too.  If you’ve heard of this, you might let us know.

Da Juana