Choice or sin?

With each event in life we have to make a decision. That decision can either help us to attain what we want in life or it can further hinder us. Change is the remedy.

Most don’t look forward to change because they are afraid but change is not always a bad thing. It can be exciting and make for better times as well. Again with, being the psychic I am, I am going to tell you that we all make changes. Changes are only choices and if we make a choice we don’t like, we can change it.

In this realm of thought I want to address the idea of sin. Sin is a choice and to me there is no such thing as sin. Choices you make are either right or wrong. The choice to drink to excess can be called a sin but it is still a choice. People’s choices dictate whether they are doing what is right for them or others. If you call choice a sin, then you are just mincing words and acting as if a person is not responsible for their actions because choice does commit life to action.

Make good choices for yourself but remember you can always change those you think are not good for you.

Da Juana