When my daughter was small, I told her that she had a right to get angry with me but she was not ever to tell me that she hated me. I also told her that she could express her anger but that it should be short lived. Once we talked it out, then she should be able to resolve it in some way. Anger, like joy, is a choice.

The reason she couldn’t tell me she hated me was because she had chosen me as her parent. Being born to the parents you have is a choice. What? you say, there is no way. Believing as I do and after my conversations with the other side, I know that you make a conscious choice while on the other side to be born to the parents you have. And although you might feel very stupid for having done that once here, you made the choice.

While you are small, you have to rely solely on your parents to make good decisions for you. Some do, some don’t. When I was around seven, my mother left. I had two younger brothers, three and one years of age. We had loads of responsibility while growing up, expecially me but I never saw it as a pity party. Instead I knew that it would help me to become a better indiviual. Looking back, I think it has. But those times were not the easiest.

Another thing, I remember being on the other side before I was born. I remember the man who was there with me and who came with me into this life as a guardian angel, John. Of course, he only stayed until he thought I was grown up enough to handle life on my own, thirty-seven. So I can’t blame anyone else for my childhood. If it hadn’t been the way it was, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. And I happen to like the person I am now.

So remember, choices are made every moment. Use them wisely.

Da Juana