I hear people say everyday something like, “I wish that hadn’t happened.” Even I am guilty of that. But I also know that I am guilty of being a creator. God gave me that ability. So when something happens that I don’t like I have to look at the source, being me, and see what thoughts I had that put that event into motion.

Learning that responsibility for oneself is the number one reason for living on earth is why we take a body, live a life and even die. And I remember that but, at times, I think we all backslide and feel sorry for ourselves. I know I have.

One of the biggest items I try to teach others is this, THOUGHT AND EMOTION MANIFEST. When we are down and out, feel sorry for ourselves and wonder why this is happening to us, after all we are good people and try to do for others too, we continue a horrible cycle. The day we think, I have had enough, and decide to make things better. Things start to get better. You can even feel a difference in your attitude. Emotion is very tanigble and added to thought, well, you know what I mean.

So for today and everyday, beleive that you can achieve all you want to. Keep to your positive thoughts and manifest all you want in your life.

Am I being too preachy? Maybe, I need to hear myself again.

Da Juana