Christina Taylor Green, the little nine-year-old girl

Christina Taylor Green, the little nine-year-old girl who was born on September 11, 2001 and died at a rally, in Tucson, Arizona, that was being held for Gabrielle Giffords is in my mind a very strong reason for looking at life as we know it. Not only did she seem old for her years because of her interest in politics but she shined a light on we the people that can’t be denied.

The light I’m speaking of comes purely from the spiritual whether we know it or not. This little girl that I never had the pleasure of meeting was born on a day of terrorism and died in the same manner.

Do you think that because of her birth and her death she might have been an example for all of us about man’s inhumanity to man? Isn’t it time to decide as a group that this needless display of anger needs to stop?

My take is that our country has become too polarized to realize that if we neighbors work together like mother’s do, then we can probably keep some of these horrible events from happening. At least we’d know more about what’s occurring around us.

The one accolade I can give the people at that rally was that they worked together to stop this horrible (notice I didn’t say, sick) man. If more of us knew each other, then imagine how much better our world would be?

To her parents, please accept my kindest regards and sorrow for your loss. I’m sure much of the world expresses the same. The only consolation here, if there is one is that a young life carelessly tossed away by a stranger may have more impact on our world than we can even know at this time. Some people come to teach us all lessons and I think this beautiful young child accomplished that act.

The news portrayed her as an inquisitive nine-year-old with an interest in making this world a better place. From my standpoint, her very life should be an inspiration to all of us by creating in us the determination to stop this kind of behavior, period.

Da Juana

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