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Christmas is a holiday that has most hustling and bustling to get presents and food bought in preparation for food, family and fun, generally in that order.  My question is just this:  When did presents become the order of the day on the holiday we celebrate for Christ’s birth?More...

Did commercialism create this or did the pagans do it?  We might be celebrating Jesus’ birth but we’re doing it on December 25, which was celebrated in Babylon as the feast of Isis or on what the Romans declared Winter Solstice.  Anyway, a little trivia there.  Research for yourself.  Back to my original thoughts.

My thoughts have to do with people’s attitude around Christmas.  And really, I think it matches the economy.  If we’ve got a good economy, more people are nice.  In a bad one, well you know what I mean, you get the one-fingered salute and sometimes they wish you something out the car window that might include Christ in it.  That seems to be the way it is right now.

Generally, I try to be nice to everyone, that is until I get to a point, and then I’m not a nice psychic or anything else.  Just call me woman and do it with a nice lilt or……. 

I’ve had to be out a little the last couple of days and I’ve noticed that people turn their cars in front of you without even looking.  The first one you let go, the second, you’re wondering and on the third you’re sending some of those Christmas salutations yourself.  Or so I’ve noticed.

Really, I’m the one that will hold up traffic to let someone out and then just think pass it on.  Right now, I’m wondering about the pass it on thing.  I’m thinking it’s the economy.  Do you?

Merry Christmas if you believe in it and Happy Holidays if you don’t.  Whichever should bring joy to your heart so that you can pass that on is what I wish for you too.

Da Juana

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    Yes, I've noticed that a lot of people are "upset' this Holiday season. I saw two women, both in Mercedes fighting over a parking space at North Park Mall - the security had to come and break it up as neither one was willing to budge. I used to love the holidays when I was growing up but now that I'm responsible for making sure all of my family is taken care of at Christmas, its not as fun as it used to be. I'm so tired all of the time... it seems to be never ending the amount of gifts that need to be given... and the money that is budgeted is never enough. But I am so glad to see my son from college and have all of my family together in one house. Thats the gift I enjoy the most.

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