Chuck Norris

Well, Chuck Norris really got attention he craved when he said that John McCain is too old to become president.  I’m wondering if that ticked you off as much as it did me?More...

My first question has become, when did Chuck Norris take up predicting death?  Even though I can predict those type things, I generally don’t for more than one reason.

Next, Mr. Norris, how old are you and can you still perform your karate with the ease you did years ago or are you doing it smarter now?  Don’t you have two very young children that you might leave here if you were to die?  Aren’t you afraid that you’re really too old for that most important job.  And, are any of us really assured that we’ll see tomorrow. 

Another item that I look at is that John McCain has really proven himself while in a prisoner of war camp.  That tells me this man has stamina.  Anyone who can stay at a Hanoi Hilton can surely handle the pressure of the White House.

One thing I do agree with you on, and something that doesn’t consider party, is that presidents might go into the White House with dark hair but they most often come out looking a little older and with gray hair.  Maybe Rush and Chuck can get together.  After all they both made some pretty obnoxious statements about our presidential candidates.  What Chuck said was equal to what Rush said when he said Americans won’t want to watch Hillary age in the White House because women don’t look good aging.

What are we coming to?

Da Juana