Life with me isn’t always easy. That thought hit me again the other day when my husband was in the closet getting something to wear. Before he asked me anything, I answered him. And we just kept right on doing what we were before I answered.

Then it occurred to me that I had answered just as I had at other times without his asking.
At that moment, I asked him how it felt to have me answering him before he asked. His response was, “I am used to it.” I asked him then if he liked my doing that. The answer was not one I expected. Claude told me that there were times that he didn’t like me imposing upon his thoughts but most of the time it was OK.

My sweet husband and I have gotten into arguments with each other because of something he thought and I heard just as if we were speaking to each other. That’s not really fair to him but he does love me. Not only did he have to go from thinking he married someone he perceived to be normal to having a psychic in his bed. Bless his heart.

Da Juana