Claude and Valentines….

Making decisions for yourself is much easier than the responsibility of making them for others too.  But there are times when you just have to belly up to the bar and make those decisions.  That seems to be my state right now.  Of course I can discuss any decision with my loving husband but……and that’s a big but… when it comes to the ultimate decision, I seem to make them alone, since he had the stroke.  What’s more is he understands that his mind doesn’t quite work like it did before.  Instead of being Mensa material, he’s gone to being above average.  Sometimes his brain doesn’t fire quite the same as it did before.More...

I’ve taken for granted all the times that he went to the store for me or made the decision to do something I might have forgotten.  Since he doesn’t drive now, I do that for us.  Thankfully, he doesn’t second-guess my driving as much as I might have once done to him.  With a psychic in the car, it can get really good and tiring.  In my defense, I have kept us out of some horrible traffic accidents and have told him where a few police officers were lying in wait.  So, I guess I’ve been pretty nice to him too.

All in all, my husband and I have had a wonderful life.  Let me tell you a little about him.  He was a pilot of both fixed wing and helicopters, a race car driver and one of the best editors I’ve ever seen.  Claude is a walking trivia machine especially when it comes to music and his favorite singer was, you probably guessed it, Elvis Presley.  He is my biggest advocate and my strongest critic and I couldn’t have a better husband. 

With all the decision making, guess I’m getting a little nostalgic.  Here’s one for you, “Happy Valentine’s.”

Da Juana