Claude had a dream…..

The other night Claude had a dream.  For him, that’s not often.  So when he has one it’s like E F Hutton talking, you want to listen to him.More... 
A friend that grew up with him and is now dead brought the dream in with a schooner coming into port.  The funny thing is that Claude isn’t a sailor.  He doesn’t know a schooner from a warship but he’s learned now. 
This was happening up on the east coast in his dream, he said, around Boston.  Can’t be more specific than that.  My husband is a tinkering fisherman, that is, he likes to sit and catch but he wouldn’t want to make it a life’s career.  Anyway, he happened to see deep sea fishing tackle and tossed it out from the wooden dock and he caught one of those big fish, he said, with the long snout. 
I told him what the dream meant to me and he seemed satisfied with that but……..
This dream has stuck with him because he had it a few nights ago and he keeps going over it.  So much so that I looked up the term, “Schooner” in Webster’s.  Now here is one of those moments.  The schooner was at least a two masts sailing ship that began on, and get this, the New England coast.
Makes you wonder about coincidence, doesn’t it?
Oh, and his dead friend came to see him.
Happy dreams,
Da Juana