Hi y’all.  Sorry to have been gone so long but Claude’s had some medical issues we’ve been trying to address.  He’s had two surgeries in the last week but we knew before now that he’d have them.  We’ve been trying to do other things to make it better.More... 

His doctor put a stint in his heart last week but couldn’t repair the problem of blood flow in his leg.  The pain’s so bad that he can’t sleep and is up most nights wandering through the house.  On occasion I hear the garage door go up.  So you know that I’m out of the bed in a hurry to look for him.  I found him at two in the morning outside with Kim, our neighbor.  She walks the streets at night too.  It’s pitiful that both have to be a compadre in pain for the other. 

Now they want to do a bypass on his leg because of the blood flow to the feet.  Do you have any ideas that will help, especially if they don’t involve surgery?  Please let me know.  We need the help. 

I have been trying to find stem cell research studies for him.  If you know of one, please, please tell me.

On another note, hope you weren’t in the traffic pattern of the tornados last night. 

Da Juana