Claude’s birthday party….

Claude’s birthday party took place at one of our favorite restaurants the other night when the temperature was around one hundred seven.  And guess what?  We were on the patio with about seventy other friends.  Even the fans didn’t help.More...

We don’t know how we got that many friends to attend but the party just kept growing on its own.  Claude is fortunate to have so many good friends.  It looked like a high school reunion except for the food was whatever seafood someone wanted, much better than high school reunion food.  And the camaraderie!  You couldn’t ask for more. 

On the way home, Claude mentioned that he’d had his party now.  He could go to sleep meaning to cross over.  Guess he thought with that many friends, he had his memorial pre death.  And he had fun especially since I didn’t sit with him and he got to sit with a bunch of women he’d dated when younger.  That’s probably most guy’s dream.  He’s lived in the moment for a few days now with friends calling and talking about what a good time they had.

I’m glad my husband enjoyed himself.  Now on to another party.

Da Juana