Claude’s mother

Hi y’all, we’ve had a lot going on lately, like Claude’s mother having a stroke and being hospitalized on the fourth anniversary of Claude’s stroke.  Makes you realize that there really are no chance happenings in this world.  I don’t want to make you think that it’s all been horrible but there have been some events that have had us chasing our tails.  Even our dogs don’t do that.More...

In the midst of all this, we’ve had Claude back to doctors trying to get help for his feet, which have been giving him problems for years.  Finally, his psychic wife talked the doctor into looking at his blood vessels, arteries and such again.  That’s the problem.  Now, we’re also trying to make that better by reducing cholesterol and getting rid of the calcium buildup, i.e., plaque in his blood stream.

When he first got the stroke and diabetes, I started feeding him plenty of fiber, made up of fruits and veggies.  Before this time, he didn’t want to eat that sort of thing.  His blood sugar did better even though his doctor told me that I should be giving him more meat.  Now, we’re really trying to get more fiber in his system and we’re using a chelating agent too in the form of amino acids.  Hope they work.

While you’re learning about the health of our family, Mysti seems to be doing well.  Say prayers for the whole family.  Think I need about a week’s vacation.  You know, one where you lie on the beach, listen to the waves roll in and smile as the cute guy refreshes one of those drinks guaranteed to take you away for a little while.  It only takes half one of those for me.  I’m a real cheap date.

Anyway, missed ya.

Da Juana