Claude’s old, dead girlfriend….

Claude’s old, dead girlfriend came to see me again last night.  My friend, David, had gone home around one o’clock AM.  Claude and the two girls were asleep and I was in a bathroom in another part of the house minding my own business.More...

I’m one of those people who always wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  I was standing there doing that while thinking about my day, David, Claude, the girls and how the world was made when I saw a shorter woman than me walk behind me in the mirror and cross from one side to the other. 

Even though I’m used to ghosts, at one in the morning, maybe it was closer to two, when you know that you, Claude and the girls are the only ones in the house, a ghost can tend to alarm you just a little.  I wheeled around, went into the hall and, of course, she was gone.  She definitely wanted me to know she was there and let me see her features even the smile that was forming because she knew she had alarmed me.  I guess most old girlfriends are that way.

At the time it didn’t occur to me that it was Claude’s old girlfriend.  It took me speaking with him today and describing her.  Then it occurred that it was her again.  When I started telling Claude that it was her, I dropped the question of why she would keep coming back to see him now.  She answered that it was because they’d found a new treatment for her mother’s eye condition and she wanted Claude to tell her mother.  She does this every time there’s a new treatment and I hadn’t thought about it until she told me. 

So for those of you who believe ghosts quit caring about their loved ones.  They don’t. 

Da Juana