Cleaning my stainless steel coffee pot.

Today’s blog is on how I learned to clean my stainless steel coffee pot. You have to know how much I love this coffee pot. It keeps my coffee nice and hot for hours, just what a coffee connoisseur needs. My coffee can’t be anything but extremely hot or frozen, no other way will do. And if you’re like me, then you want your pot clean.

I’ve tried vinegar and most everything but you can’t get into the small-mouthed pot I have to really scrub. And you can probably tell I like to scour.

At any rate a woman named Sherry I really like and who works at a restaurant I frequent with my man told me the secret. And believe me, it’s a good secret.

What you do is to use something like real lemon (brand name) and put a little in your pot. Then you add ice cubes however you can get them into your pot. Next you add table salt to your liking (a lot for me). Close the pot and start swishing.

This works for glass as well and I know you’ll be as careful as needed to cleanse your pot.

But for me with the stainless steel I really gave it a good circular motion. I got the benefit of cleaning and building good pec muscles too. When I poured the mixture out I was amazed. It was blacker than the way I like a good morning cup. So, guess what. I did it again.

Bet you my coffee taste so much better in the morning.

Da Juana