Since we’ve been on the subject of coincidence with the owls yesterday, I want to tell you about a friend I have and her take on the subject.  Health problems had affected this friend while she was out walking in the city.  At one time when her health made her unable to continue, a man came along in an empty bus, pulled over and asked if she needed help to which she replied, she did.  As they drove along, he told her his name.  On another occasion the same thing happened only this time it was a stretch limo that stopped to help and took her to her destination.  Upon talking with the driver, you guessed it, he had the same name.  That name was John.More...

What’s even funnier is that my friend and I were discussing the fact that her special angel’s name was also her father’s when I told her that my name meant Of John.  And my middle name just so happens to be her mother’s. 

This woman and I have become fast friends and been there over the years for each other and hadn’t put that little tidbit together.  Oh, and by the way, both her parents are dead and though I never met them while they were quote alive, I’ve met them both since.  They’re really nice people.  I can see where their daughter gets it.

This brings up a question, are there coincidences in life?

I don’t think so.

Da Juana