Color is definitely different……..

One of the items I think of on occasion rather than just enjoying is this:  Why is color so important in our lives besides being fantastic eye candy?

Wars have been waged over the color of someone’s skin, little nuggets of gold and even prime real estate.  Of course human beings can find all measure of stuff to fight over.   The oceans depths of color have issued invitations to explorers so that they were willing to die in order to see what lay beyond.  Volcano’s spew molten lava, both red and black, and lure scientist like the sirens of old to the heated chasms.  Bird watchers flit from one tree to another trying to capture the sight of one of the most colorfully rare specimens.  We, humans, like peacocks, adorn our hair in fashionable color especially the younger generation. 

So what is it really that we find so fascinating about color?  Well, my dead, dear Muffin, who taught me so much, would tell you that it was because she could find one of her favorite foods that way.  She loved cotton candy and because I had a pair of slippers that were fluffy and looked the same color, she was constantly checking them out around fair time.  Food might be a reason that humans look for color especially when you are thinking about a tree-ripened, fresh, colorful peach or the beautiful greens of a ripe watermelon.  That could be one reason that God gave us this much-appreciated gift. 

Another reason might be to keep us out of harms way.  Snakes of a certain genre and all sorts of other hurtful creatures have certain colorings that allow us to make good decisions as to what not to pick up. 
There are a myriad of reasons from sexual to creative reasoning for color but my thought is that we got this beautiful gift for enjoyment.  There are so many events in life that seem to weigh us down but when we see a fluttering butterfly in all its glory, we can’t help but be lifted up.
See the glory in all colors, whether it is on a friend different from you or a little rodent washing his tiny hands.  God is in it all.  And that’s his gift to us.
Da Juana