Color makes a difference in life.

Color makes a difference in life. Today I’m sitting in my office looking at the freshly painted walls thinking how colors you choose say so much about you.

For instance, my office is a beautiful golden tan called Camelback. The yellows (asking good questions) and tans (working in detailed fashion) serve to increase my work ethic although I’m the type person who works pretty much like that anyway.

Other colors in my home include yellow (again the intelligence factor) and greens (healing and helping) with lots of white (the God color-trying to be more like Him/Her).

It seems the last few months I’m opting to get away from my usual black (security blanket) to something more colorful (all of them).

Although I’ve been sad at times in the last few years my life is great and I’m trying to open up to new ideas and attitudes. Happiness abounds. Thus all the colors of the rainbow fill my home and closet.

Imagining what it would be like without color in your life is horrible to me. Just think of what we take for granted each day. That’s why I’m thanking the Universal Source right now for the vibrations of light sent from the sun that form such amazing color.

Da Juana

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