Comfort comes in small ways when a ghost shows up especially when death is near.

Comfort comes in small ways when a ghost shows up especially when death is near.

One could say that ghosts might scare the dying and sometimes they do but most often they bring comfort to those about to cross over to the other side and to their family and friends.

The dying person learns they have a choice as to when they “meet their maker,” a fact most find hard to believe. If they didn’t know it before they certainly do when they tell, as many have heard, a ghost to leave them alone because they’re not ready to go yet and the ghost backs off.

When it’s time to go, you generally get a visit from a person (ghost) whom you love or admire who is there to help with the crossing. They’re not going to take you without your decision to come. This ghost might ask if you’re ready thus implementing the decision making in your mind but they don’t snatch you as Hollywood might have you believe.

One of the things a ghostly visit does is let the dying know that there is life after death. Even the living can learn this lesson and more.

Take, for instance, a friend of mine who is very upset over the fact that a dear old friend is dying. My friend, while talking to me about other items, mentioned that he’d just left his old friend’s deathbed. Instantly I saw a lady standing next to the dying man. Mentioning this to my friend, then telling him what she looked like, I also stated that she wasn’t alive in a sense which we humans understand.

This man is quite religious but when I told him about the woman he immediately recognized her as the aged dying man’s mother. He took comfort in the fact she was there with him and didn’t mention the religious aspects from which he’d have problems. The reason I mention his idea of the religious aspects of speaking with a medium about ghosts and dying is because we’d just had a conversation on reincarnation where I’d given him passages in the Bible confirming the idea.

Da Juana

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