Comfort food….

Mayhaw jelly is a comfort food and right now I think I could use some good ole comfort food.  What is Mayhaw jelly, you say?  Honey, you ain’t lived yet until you’ve tasted Mayhaw jelly, said in the vernacular of a Louisiana Mayhaw hunting junkee.More...

Years ago, my father and I would go down to the Louisiana swamps around a huge lake we fished behind the levee and pick up Mayhaws’.   They weren’t easy to get off the ground but they were worth it when we made the jelly and had it with home cooked biscuits.  If we were lucky, the swamp flooded and we could take a boat through and scoop up that little apple looking fruit instead of painstakingly picking one at a time up from the ground.  Even if it was dry, it was worth the work, especially with my daddy.

I haven’t had Mayhaw jelly in years.  You can bet I’d make biscuits for it now.  If you’ve ever had it, you can now enjoy a mouth-watering psychic moment.

Da Juana