Commode cleaning….

Commode cleaning is the quickest way to ground you.  Nothing puts you in the mode of feeling like life can get so much better than doing that chore.  Being at one with the commode in all its grandeur can bring even the highest of us to our knees.  Unlike commode hugging drunk, you’re well aware of where you are and what you’re doing.More...

Bathroom cleaning brings you back to the basics of life.  It creates awareness of the necessities of our world and it makes you think about the business of living. 

I’ve heard some psychics say that you need to ground yourself before meditation.  It hasn’t occurred to them that by the very basis of being born, we’re grounded.  What do we call our planet anyway?  Earth!  You can’t get more grounded than that.  Maybe those psychics have never had to clean a commode.

Sobering thoughts, aren’t they.  Well, gotta go clean my commodes. 

Happy Holidays.

Da Juana