My friend, David, says I have a way with computers but I really don’t think I do.  A computer is something that at one time I didn’t want and now, can’t seem to do without.  Isn’t it funny how appliances and technology have taken over our lives?  Once upon a time a one-car family was the norm.  Now you need more than one computer for the family.More... 

I’ve been using a computer since 1991 and remember the first time I touched one.  Fear gripped me.  It was nothing like my word processor.  I turned it on, looked at it and turned it off.  Heck, I didn’t even touch my word processor for the next month because it reminded me too much of that dang computer. 

After talking to myself rather harshly, I turned it back on.  At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me that that one piece of machinery would become something I couldn’t do without.  Oh, I’d cuss it after getting angry, turn it off and leave if for a while, but like a spat with my husband, I’d forgive it and go right back.  Since then, I’ve had more than one to contend with because you know you have to keep up with technology.    

And I really don’t believe I have a way with computers but when I run my mouse across the page and decide to hit a link, I don’t have to be too close to the link with my mouse before it just scoots on to the page I desired.  Maybe that’s what David’s talking about.  He’s seen me do that.  It could be just a psychic thing.

Da Juana