Condoleezza Rice

The other day I heard Condoleezza Rice make a statement with which I totally agree.  To paraphrase it, it went something like this:  No one should live in tyranny.More...

That’s a wonderful statement and I wish it were true for the world but it’s not.  There are so many types of tyranny.  I should know.  I grew up with it because of what I was.  My whole life, except for where John was involved when I was younger, was oppressive because I couldn’t come right out with the fact that I was a medium.  People tended to look down on others for that sort of thing when I was growing up.

Also, I know many women who are battered by men, both verbally and physically.  I wish that would stop too.

You see, we could go on and on about tyranny but guess what, it’s human nature to want your way.  The spiritual side tends to try to teach us to be a little more loving to others.  Maybe that’s what the world should do.  Then we wouldn’t have need for soldiers, policemen or others who are here to take care of us so that we don’t have to live in oppression.

Yes, Condoleezza said something that I agreed with and increased my thoughts of respect for her.  Also, she mentioned that President Bush thought that he’d made the right decisions while in office.  I have to hand it to her for being a loyal friend.  I, too, think he thought he made the right decisions.  Though I didn’t agree with his politics, I know he tried.  And I know, as the psychic I am, that he really thought he was doing the right thing.  Being president of the United States is no easy task, nor is trying to rid the world of tyranny.

Da Juana